October 15 & 16, 2014
Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Detroit, MI
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Since the 2013 DASH conference, the world of the audio dashboard has changed significantly. Apple announced CARPLAY, Google announced the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) consortium. The DASH conference will bring attendees up to speed on rapid change, what it means, and how it impacts your  business. Look for announcements of keynotes and panels soon.

SAVE THE DATES of October 15-16, 2014. Held in the WESTIN DETROIT AIRPORT, which has been met with rave reviews -- walk off the plane into the hotel. No transportation worries.

DASH is a JOINT VENTURE of RADIO INK, JACOBS MEDIA, and  SHUMAN CONSULTING GROUP. This cutting-edge conference addresses critical  business issues facing the radio, automotive, and automotive OEM business as it relates to in-dash audio entertainment. It's a must-attend event.
Images from DASH
Photos from the DASH conference, held October 23-24, 2013 in Detroit.

Photos from the DASH conference, held October 23-34 in Detroit.

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(VIDEO) Harsh Words From a Former Automotive Radio Advertiser

Barry Merrill (pictured, center, at the DASH conference) is the President and General Manager of Grand Ledge Ford Lincoln in Grand Ledge, MI. Unfortunately he is a lost radio advertiser and he blames the radio industry for his decision to turn all of his dollars over to TV. Merrill said there was too much turnover in sales reps, and they were just trying to hit their budgets -- there was no relationship-building. He went from spending all of his advertising dollars on radio to spending nothing. We asked Merrill to give the industry some advice on how to improve. Read more.

(VIDEO) Edison Researches The DASH

Edison Media Research President Larry Rosin made a presentation at DASH last week which highlighted how far the consumer has come in learning how to use what has become a mobile computer just a few inches from their steering wheel. No matter what age, the consumer is excited to experience the connected car. The choices are abundant and the control they now have over what entertains them in the vehicle is starting to play a much more important role in how they purchase. Here's our video interview with Larry Rosin. Read more.

Where Does Radio Fit Into the Vehicle of the Future?

Day two of DASH started off with a panel of national automotive representatives who provided insight into radio's future position on the dash of the connected car, and the news was good. Greg Ross (pictured, second from left) from General Motors said infotainment is big, and right now radio makes a lot of sense. "Radio is a core feature in our cars for the foreseeable future," he said. "There is great content. It's efficient. There are customer demands for getting it in different forms or at the time customers want to consume it." Read more.

Consumers Love Pandora. Don't Doubt That.

We can tell ourselves how much consumers love us like a high school sweetheart. But do we know how much love they really feel? And if they do love us, what are we doing to keep them feeling that way -- especially in the always-evolving auto dashboard? That is, what are we doing to keep their love in the most important delivery mechanism for radio, and one it has owned forever? For the last year, the radio story, as told by many radio CEOs, has been about 92% penetration and hundreds of millions of weekly listeners. What if an independent third party went around and interviewed consumers – your listeners -- about what they listen to in their cars? The car is radio's Holy Grail, its dominant delivery point. At DASH, Edison Research President Larry Rosin gave us a snippet of what they're saying. Read more.

The New Dash Puts The Consumer In Control

That was the big message after Day 1 of the Radio Ink/Jacobs Media DASH conference in Detroit, Wednesday, as auto manufacturers, content providers, and radio CEOs discussed the importance of focusing on content and simplifying connectivity. While the smartphone is that key connection between the consumer and the automobile, having to spend time connecting the device still seems to give radio a slight advantage at the moment. Consumers, especially the younger generation, have no patience: They want things now. Read more.

Mobile Has Changed Expectations Forever

Those were the words of Ford Global Product Manager for SYNC AppLink Julius Marchwicki (pictured) during his keynote address to open the Radio Ink DASH Conference in Detroit on Wednesday. Marchwicki  dazzled the crowd with mobile statistics to back up his words, leaving no doubt about the role smartphones play in the lives of today's consumers and the impact that's having on his industry. Read more.

GM to Radio: Create Great Content

Greg Ross is the Director/Product Strategy and Infotainment, Global Connected Consumer at General Motors. His message to radio: "Create ways to get great content in the car." Ross says his industry no longer has to make a difficult choice about what would be put in vehicles, because of how GM now works with developers."Before, you had to pick a winner, technology or content," he said. "Changing content through software gives us the ability of not having to choose. We can work with a great idea. It's an exciting and different game. We're offering specialized and personalized content we've never been able to afford before." Read more.

Katz: Pandora Has Only 4.4% Of Radio Listening

It's been a number virtually impossible to verify, yet most national media report it as the gospel: How much of the radio audience does Pandora have? How much are they taking away from broadcast radio, if any. Pandora has consistently boasted that it has about 7 percent of the radio listening audience. During his keynote address to DASH attendees Wednesday, Entercom CEO David Field said research from Katz concludes that number is more like 4.4 percent. This is the second major public event in which Field is openly challenging Pandora's numbers, calling them out to show some proof. Read more.

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